Dit Da Jow 125ml (external liniment)


Dit Da Jow 125ml (external liniment) 8

Dit Da Jow is a popular Chinese liniment sometimes referred to as 'Heavenly Bone Water,' it is prepared to heal external damage such as bruises or sore muscles. There are several different recipes for Dit Da Jow, most of which are considered to be a "secret formula" passed down through oral and written history of Traditional Chinese Medicine, martial arts, and modern Western science.

Martial artists primarily use Dit Da Jow for the treatment of trauma induced by rigorous training, however it may also be beneficial for other types of pain such as fibromyalgia, tendonitis, shin splints, arthritis and neuropathy. A Chinese Medicine herbalist and acupuncturist who has a special interest in pain management. The formula has been masterfully constructed in the clinic with feedback from sports injury patients.

Dit Da Jow has an analgesic effect, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, is main functions are to unblock qi stagnation and blood stasis. When one suffers a trauma type injury, qi is blocked in the meridians causing pain and swelling. Dit Da Jow opens up the blockage, which allows the qi to flow freely allowing the injury to heal.

Dit Da Jow is made from a herbal tincture. Herbs are extracted in vodka for a prolonged period (1year+) to improve the efficacy of the liniment, it needs to be noted however that this formula is STRICTLY for EXTERNAL USE ONLY, not to be applied to broken skin, avoid sensitive areas and mucus membranes, not suitable for use during pregnancy.

Apply it to the sore / inflamed area 3X daily. Test patch a small amount on the first application and discontinue use should there be any allergic skin reaction.

Dispensed in a dark glass bottle to preserve potency.

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