Biwa Cha, Loquat Leaf Tea 30G net


Biwa Cha, Loquat Leaf Tea 30G net 10

30G Dried, Sliced Loquat Leaf Leaves (Biwa Tea)

  • Washed & Cleaned
  • Leaf fur removed
  • Dried naturally

Made from premium freshly harvested leaves of Japanese loquat tree (Eriobotrya japonica.)

Biwa Cha is a mild and pleasant beverage, with numerous medicinal benefits, which has been consumed in Japan for at least 1500 years. Caffeine free, no additives or coloring.

Biwa is a traditional herbal tea for relieving inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema, atopic dermatitis and soothing coughs.

Instructions for Biwa tea preparation included. Easy to prepare and commonly served hot or cold.

30G in resealable, moisture-proof bag.

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