Acupuncture supports the resolution of Bell’s Palsy in conjunction with other modalities.

Bell’s Palsy is typically idiopathic (meaning there is no known cause,) it can occur at any age and presents with one sided facial drooping open noticeable around the eye or mouth areas.  It is hypothesised that it may occur due to inflammation of the facial nerves and / or as a sequelae to a post viral infection.

Although there needs to be further research into how acupuncture aids in recovery of the condition, combined with other therapies acupuncture is well regarded to support recovery.*

The intervention that we use at Root & Branch Oriental Therapies typically involves a constitutional distal acupuncture prescription in conjunction with a few local needles on the face in the affected area through which a light electrical impulse is applied to reduce inflammation and reinforced the nerve muscle relationship to encourage restoration of regular muscle tone.

A course of treatment is typically 4-6 sessions, however atypical cases may require longer.  Acupuncture generally doesn’t have any side effects however as with all interventions adverse reactions are possible in individual cases; we recommend you consult your practitioner to see if Acupuncture may be helpful for you.

*Liu, Zd., He, Jb., Guo, Ss. et al. Effects of electroacupuncture therapy for Bell’s palsy from acute stage: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial. Trials 16, 378 (2015).

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