‘SICK’ of hearing about Coronavirus? Chinese Medicine boosts immunity.

It feels like the world is going crazy at the moment with the Coronavirus.

So, what do in Chinese Medicine to proactively maintain good health and prevent you getting sick?

Rather than waiting to treat flu like symptoms once we are already sick, we prefer to build immunity in advance!

Pathogenic factors in Chinese Medicine is often something which is delivered by the ‘wind.’ We always talk about human factors in terms of the earthly forces.  So, things that are carried by the wind include pollen, AKA ‘Hay fever,’ Colds, Flu and other airborne viruses fit into that same pattern.

Oriental Therapies are all great to balance and support the immune system, even on the most basic level, stress relief compliments our body’s ability to manage damaging free radicals.

The mix of four herbal powders in the photo are a modified version of a famous formula called ‘Jade Windscreen powder;’ the name conjures up images of a windscreen protecting us from the wind just as it does in a car, but the windscreen is made of jade for extra protection!

The herbs in this formula have been studied and scientifically shown to increase white blood cells which fight infection internally, and close pores and disperse wind to protect us externally, these actions combined improve immunity.

There are other herbs which we can remotely dispatch to help people with cold and flu symptoms, but the main aim of Chinese Medicine is to proactively encourage good health and immunity to prevent illness.

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