Online prescriptions, for influenza type symptoms + stress and anxiety.

No doubt you will have heard of the success of Traditional Chinese Medicine in treating the influenza like virus in Wuhan – China.  Although we love our Western Medicine colleagues – especially for severe cases, there isn’t much they can offer for mild to moderately affected cases.

Unfortunately, we can’t see you in person for Acupuncture at the moment due to current social distancing guidelines.  However, we can definitely do an online video or phone consultation and put some herbal prescriptions in the mail for you.

Your practitioner and herbalist Dr Mark Davis (TCM) is able to prescribe herbs to improve immunity prior to getting any symptoms, or herbs which have been studied and shown to disrupt the duplication of viruses to aid in your recovery such as Andrographis Paniculata, Taraxacum Officinalis and Lonerica Japonica.

One of the main concerns we have at the moment is not only for people who might be experiencing cold and flu symptoms; but the underlying stress and anxiety that many of us are experiencing during this disruption to our daily lives.

Mark is an experienced Herbalist who is able to prescribe you with a rounded formula encompassing several of the ideas discussed above.

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