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Root & Branch Oriental Therapies is pleased to announce our very own Online Store!

The herbal products available are patent herbal medications (basic formulations) for common conditions for which you might have otherwise bought something similar over the counter at a pharmacy or you might have seen similar products in Asian supermarkets.


The herbs available online include:

  • Digestive Formula – ease bloating and digestive distress after overeating.
  • Free & Easy Wanderer – for the management of stress.
  • Hair of the Dog – For a speedy recovery after a big night out.
  • Acne Formula – reduces inflammation, soreness and redness.
  • Endometriosis Formula – to reduce severity of period pain.
  • Magnesium Oil Gel – Easily spread because it’s Gel like texture. Muscular cramps, headache, aches & pains, cardiovascular health.
  • Biwa Cha Leaf Tea – blood sugar management, dermatitis and coughs.
  • Dit Da Jow – herbal liniment for muscular aches and pains.
  • PCOS Drops – for the management of polycyclic ovarian syndrome.
  • Headache & migraine care – a prophylaxis for regular sufferers.

however there are a few other items such as skin care creams which will feature in the coming weeks including:

  • Shiunkou
  • Si Huang Gao
  • Qing Dai Gao

Patent herbal formulas can be fantastic for uncomplicated conditions, they are very popular and can often be your first port of call. For something a bit more complicated we recommend that you schedule a visit to see Mark – our herbalist to prescribe you a formula tailor made to suit your very condition, and the herbs will compliment the acupuncture between treatments, or you can even try them in conjunction with a totally satisfying Japanese Shiatsu massage.


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