Human connection

When I first got a shiatsu treatment, I realised something I had never really thought of before, that physical interaction between people can be really important. The palm pressure applied during a shiatsu treatment really makes a human connection.
I was really surprised & glad to realise the depth that Shiatsu creates connecting Mind & body.
Too much stress, emotional ups & downs effect the body, and consequently pain affects the spirit. Everyone has varying degrees of stress, aches & pains. Its easy for me to say, but I do my best to make people feel more relaxed, stress and pain free.
The person receiving the treatment, also seem to at times be flooded with emotion. It make me wonder whether they have had the same realisation I did?
Not only is Shiatsu great for the body, but equally effective for the spirit.
Everyday I feel as though my mind is connecting with people’s body and vice versa.

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