Chinese Herbal Dermatology

This is a case study from our clinic retold with permission from the patient.

The patient is a 43 year old male who has had relapsing and remitting eczema since childhood.

His last episode started some 2 years prior to seeking treatment and appeared to be related to work stress.

The eczema was incredibly itchy, at times he would resort to extreme measures such as the application of 50°C water, slapping the irritated area vigorously, or even applying ice to numb the itch/pain.

Chinese medicine equates everything in the human biome to that which is comparable to nature. We all came from the earth and we will all eventually return to the earth.

Eczema is reddish in colour, it feels hot to touch and it migrates over the skin’s surface – so in Chinese medicine it is literally called ‘wind & heat’.

So the applicable treatment protocol was to disperse wind, clear heat and relieve stress.

Initially topical washes were used, but they only had limited success as it became obvious that his ‘internal stress’ was driving the external skin condition.

The patient was reluctant to take any regular medications including herbs, however as his condition worsened he agreed to a herbal medicine regime.

Treatment continued both topically and internally for some 5-6 weeks and consequently the patient has been eczema free for more than 5 months!

He continues to receive regular acupuncture treatments for stress relief & general health maintenance, however he no longer takes herbs for the skin condition.