Effective Herbal Remedies Done Tastefully!


So there will be people reading this post who have taken Chinese Medicine before and know that it can taste pretty yucky! It may have been bad enough to put you off continuing care!
There are generally 3 ways that Chinese Herbs can be taken:
1: – Raw decoctions (herbs cooked in water on the stove top, which usually taste quite bitter – and good luck not to boil the pot dry!)
2: – Granules or powders, which can still taste a bit funky, although easier to prepare and drink.
3: – Honey Pills which taste fine, but for a strong effect you might be taking up to 20 of them 3X per day!
At Root & Branch, we recognise that patient compliance with herbal remedies is integral to positive treatment outcomes; and for that reason we have prepared a number of Chinese Formulas Tinctures (raw herbs that have been infused in alcohol for a period of weeks to months), a tradition borrowed from the Western herbalists and renowned for strong efficacy.
The average tincture (or herbal extract) requires 3-5 full droppers (2.5 – 3.5ML) per half glass of warm water, which is easily consumed in a single gulp.
The tincture contains 25-30{6988025dad1f1fbb9b51e07fee2d9ed2e6922123f9d85e2f87ced971590a95a6} alcohol by volume, however if that is a concern hot water can be used which quickly dissipates the alcohol while leaving behind the herbal extract.
Granulated herbs (dissolved in warm water) are also available for more complicated cases, which are tailor made to suit the individual complaint.
The liquid extracts are excellent value at around $25 for a 2-week prescription, compared to granulated herbs for which you would expect to pay around $55. So from a consumers’ perspective the liquid extracts offer great value, ease of use and good therapeutic results.
Our aim is to provide quality care at affordable rates. Consultations attract a private heath rebates and our prescriptions are super cost effective.
Have a look at the short video above, which demonstrates how the extracts are dispensed, some droppers are fuller than others, but it all evens out!