What’s in a name?

rb-shiro-maruRoot and branch are important concepts in Chinese Medicine theory. It is a way to view the individual holistically.

If we take the most literal example of a tree itself, the roots buried in the earth are not visible, yet we all know that they must be there, without them the tree would fall over and die. As every gardener will know, in order to have healthy branches and foliage we must ensure that the roots are healthy. Similarly with human health, what manifests on the exterior may be indicative of what is happening on the interior. 

Headaches and migraines for example might be experienced regularly, that person might take some paracetamol and the symptoms are relieved; however if there is an underlying disharmony, which was only masked by the painkillers, it is quite possible that the headache will reoccur. So taking paracetamol to relieve the pain is a short-term solution treating the branch (the place where the discomfort is located). However it may be that that person has an underlying organ disharmony, which can be diagnosed by Chinese Medicine, and should we work to correct the imbalance or  cause, it is possible that the headaches or migraine may never recur.