Root & Branch Oriental Medicine has no birds nest, no rhinoceros horn, no elephant tusks alas not even a tiger’s penis! Thanks goodness for that! You see Chinese Medicine in Australia is taught with alternatives to all of the items above and more.

In the East in the past there was myth, superstition and power gained by those who could get hold of exotic animal products and over time they became regarded as must have products; yet there are plenty of suitable alternatives.
In the West, Chinese Herbal Medicine is more closely associated with western herbalists, however herbs are almost always dispensed as a formula, which combines several herbs, which compliment each other. There are still a few unusual products such as the shed skin of cicadas, the insect itself is not harmed and it has excellent properties to control itch! Still we understand that this is not to everyone’s taste, so there is a discussion about these things before anything is dispensed.
Other herbal products which are endangered in the wild are strictly controlled under CITES regulations and those products can only be sourced from sustainable producers. Additionally our KPC brand powdered herbs prescribed are sourced from Taiwan, which has excellent testing and quality control standards for pesticides and contamination.
In short, I am an animal lover and I am passionate about food & herbs as my medicine.
Have a great week; feel free to contact me for any clarification!


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